San Diego Social Leagues


December 16th, 2023 Holiday Spikeball Hat Tournament in Pacific Beach Benefiting SDSL At-Risk Youth Programs


Who are San Diego social leagues

San Diego Social Leagues initially started in 2013 with the primary focus of offering adult sports based recreational outlets for people with different abilities in order to improve healthy social and wellness criteria in one’s life; which in turn would strengthen the overall social fabric of our communities.


Our focus has since been broadened….We are currently organizing and operating programs that serve in the areas of addiction recovery, anti-recidivism, food insecurity and homelessness with an emphasis on teen outreach and support.


In order to execute the mission of each program, we are in need of your support. Our expenditures include but are not limited to sponsoring community members and teams, league equipment, instructor fees, facility rentals, transportation expenses, insurance and promotional materials which help us promote our leagues. Any way you can help, can be tax deductible (for exact deduction or tax credit amounts, further inquiry should be made with financial advisors).

We need your support!

Sports to the Rescue

Light up the Night

Salute2 Heroes

Parks & Rec

Sports to the Rescue:

Softball 9

In a world divided by differences, “Sports to the Rescue” uses the power of sports to break barriers, heal communities, empower youth, and make a global impact. Join us in our mission to unite communities through the universal language of play. Together, we can create a better world, one game at a time.

Light up the Night

Light up the Night 3

In a world divided by darkness, “Light Up the Night” uses the power of illumination to break barriers, foster resilience, empower communities, and make a global impact. Join us in our mission to create a brighter, more united world through the simple act of spreading light. Together, we can make a difference, one light at a time.

Salute2 Heroes:


Experience the journey with Salute 2 Heroes (S2H), a proud partner of the San Diego Social Leagues. Founded by Marine Corps Veteran Angel Garcia, S2H orchestrates charity sports events that transcend the ordinary, uniting communities through the power of compassion and sport.

Parks & Rec:


Join us in a campaign focused on the future of our community’s parks and recreational facilities. A Needs Assessment is the first step towards understanding our residents’ needs and ensuring our public spaces remain vibrant and inclusive.


Our aim is quite literally to build community through sports, social and charitable events. Our statement is concise, but the generality of it allows us to diversify our program offerings while recognizing various sports niche interests.

Our programs are centered around the philosophy that recreation is an essential part of recovery, empowerment, socialization, and community. Our intention is to reach the most underserved and vulnerable populations while we create a culture in San Diego where people actively participate in their own wellness by engaging in recreational activities & team sports.

Jon Rayner has been an active participant in recreational adult and youth sports programs in San Diego since he relocated to the area 16 years ago. Jon has seen first hand how organized athletics and team sports can help those living with depression, isolation and addiction recovery.

San Diego Social Leagues was founded with the intention of providing and managing sports leagues with the benefit of health and comradery. Jon (academic background in sociology and psychology) soon realized San Diego Social Leagues had a greater potential; increasing participation in sports and recreation for people living with mental illness, addiction recovery, disability, etc., is a perfect vehicle for community outreach, engagement and support!

General physical and menatl health; wellness, isolation, unemployment, food insecurity, PTSD, cycles of recidivism, homelessness and addiction recovery are all issues currently affecting San Diego County. By becoming a donor to San Diego Social Leagues you will become a partner and stakeholder in addressing the issues affecting many residents of San Diego County that affect their quality of life.

We work tirelessly to make our city proud by each day working more and more towards becoming the beacon of hope and support we aim to be.

San Diego Social Leagues needs YOUR support! “It takes a village.” couldn’t be more appropriate. We CANNOT do it with out YOU!

Be a part of a more purposeful program. Any donation helps and is most graciously appreciated. If you’d like to know more or help in any way, please give us a call at (619) 494-3555.

San Diego Social Leagues is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit Organization. We are rely heavily on your donations with all donations being used to fund our various programs throughout the county.