San Diego Social Leagues


December 16th, 2023 Holiday Spikeball Hat Tournament in Pacific Beach Benefiting SDSL At-Risk Youth Programs

Sportsmanship Guidelines & General Policy

By registering with us you automatically agree to the following sportsmanship guidelines to ensure a great experience for all participants.


  • I agree to represent San Diego Social Leagues and myself in a positive manner and adhere to the ethical competitive standards set forth by San Diego Social Leagues.
  • I agree to put the spirit of competition above yourself and agree to not be disrespectful of other:
    • Participants.
    • Game officials.
    • Umpires.
    • Referees.
    • Spectators.
    • Facility providers.
    • San Diego Social Leagues’ administrators


  • I agree to refrain from directed vulgar or abusive language understanding that this infraction can and will impact my participation, resulting in event or league penalties.
    • Further, these actions or activities may result in league expulsion if such language is used.


  • I agree to promote a safe atmosphere to not engage in any physical misconduct including any actions or plays deemed to be unnecessary, injurious, or inflammatory by the game’s official(s).
    • Warnings are not guaranteed during gameplay.
    • Official(s) have sole discretion to make judgments to preserve the spirit of San Diego Social Leagues.
    • Specific gameplay rulings and decisions that are judgment calls by official(s) are not open for discussion with San Diego Social Leagues admin.
    • Any disagreements around objective rules, policies, and procedures can be discussed with San Diego Social Leagues or partner admin after the game/event is concluded by emailing the managing partner.


  • Any violations of this agreement may terminate my privileges to participate further in any San Diego Social Leagues activity, event or league at the sole discretion of San Diego Social Leagues and NO refunds will be awarded for misconduct mentioned above.