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Developing Purpose In Your Life

Blog Author: Calvin Hollingsworth

Living a purpose-filled life in today’s day and age may seem impossible, especially when there is so much division, violence, doom and gloom, and hatred in our chaotic world. With all of this noise, we may feel overwhelmed and stressed out beyond our breaking points. It may feel like our lives are impossible to bear. One of the key reasons people become cynical and/or hopeless is because they stress out over things or problems that are beyond their control. The only thing that you can have complete control over is yourself. What you do with your time and how you associate with others, will ultimately determine how you will navigate your life. Focusing on activities that will help you grow and improve as a human being will leave a tremendous impact on your personal life. You will learn how to develop your purpose.


There are so many videos on social media that try to motivate you to find your purpose. It doesn’t matter how “feel good” or “motivating” these videos are. Generally speaking, motivation is short-lived. A good example is making New Year’s resolutions. You may start on a clean slate at the start of the new year. You may desire to lose weight, or reduce time on useless activities, etc. The problem is that these so-called resolutions usually die out after several weeks. And you are back to where you were before, feeling unfulfilled. Finding your purpose isn’t motivated by others, it ultimately needs to be you. You call the shots as to how you live your life, nobody else. And that can be empowering if you have that desire.

The beauty of developing your purpose is that you are never too old or young to work on it. It knows no age. You can be a young child with aspirations to become an Olympic athlete, or you can be an adult who has survived a life-threatening illness and desire to lose weight and live more healthily. You can be a young adult who wants to become an entrepreneur and make millions. The possibilities are endless. The main thing is you have to have a plan, an attainable plan that will get you to where you want to go. You need to have a clear vision of what you ultimately want. It is great to look towards the future, but you need to live in the present and learn from your past in order to accomplish what it is that you want. 


I have mentioned this phrase in previous blog posts, but, developing your purpose is a life-long pursuit. It is a marathon, not a sprint. You should never have the mentality of “I made it.” There is no endgame to your life’s purpose. That type of mentality can be detrimental because you will become complacent and gradually revert back to your bad habits. You should constantly be looking into activities that will push your limits and make you even better. You don’t need to be the next Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, or Michael Phelps unless that is what you want. At the end of the day, the more time you invest in yourself, the more confident you will become. Your purpose should be to become your best self.

No one, other than yourself, should “motivate” you to live your life. That is entirely up to you. Don’t waste too much time watching YouTube videos on how to develop purpose. Live your life. Do not allow other people to live your life for you. Embrace all that life has to offer you. Both the good times and the bad. Learn from your mistakes. Develop the self-awareness as you seek self-mastery. Have an open mind and seek mentors in your life. Help those in need. Develop a delayed gratification mindset. Live your life. Be like Loki who was “burdened with Glorious Purpose.” Over time, you will look yourself in the mirror and see how far you have come. That right there will be all of the motivation that you will need to live out your purpose.